Based on today's fast pace and dynamic manufacturing environment the need for highly reliable, accurate and industry proven tested products are in high demand. Satisfying this specific need is AccuLab Inc.'s core business.  Acculab Inc. offers customer orientated services with quick and effective testing turn around such that all results are professional and in an easy to read reporting format AccuLab Inc. is determined to be your flexible and laminate urethane foam composite testing laboratory of choice.

AccuLab Inc.'s facility, professional personnel, equipment and systems are world class and solely dedicated to satisfying our overall customer needs.  Providing accurate, unbiased and cost effective flexible and laminate urethane foam composite physical property testing is the main objective of
Inc. Capabilities include both destructive and non-destructive testing being performed in our laboratory with the intent to enable full composite (i.e. bi or tri-laminate) and/or polyurethane construction approvals to comply with any and all potential customer needs.  Please reference our A2LA ISO17025 certified laboratory scope as testing capabilities are noted below.

We encourage you to browse through our website for a better understanding of our services. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange a tour of our facility. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs on how AccuLab Inc. can satisfy your testing need requirements. For more information please contact us at:

Phone: (915) 751-1000
Fax: (915) 751-8205


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